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Meet the Team

Erin Long, President and Founder

Erin Long is the President and founder of Worldwide Speech. She developed the idea for for the company after opening independent practices for expatriate children in both Mexico and Brazil. Through her experience with these practices Erin became aware of the large, but dispersed demand for native English-speaking speech pathologists among the expatriate community and realized that the key to meeting this demand was teletherapy. Erin is certified by the American Telemedicine Association in telepractice and for the last five years she has been a leader in teletherapy within the speech-pathology community. Erin is an active member of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association's (ASHA) steering group for the development of teletherapy policy and training. Because of her experience and expertise in telepractice Erin has also been asked to present at seminars on special education at the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute.

For Erin, finding a way to provide speech therapy and other special education services to children abroad is not only a business opportunity; it is a personal passion. As a member of the U.S. Foreign Service community Erin has a unique understanding of the challenges that expatriate families have when trying to find appropriate educational support for their children outside the United States. This is why Worldwide Speech's primary focus has always been on expatriate children, and what drove Erin to eventually expand the company to include occupational therapy and reading intervention.

Erin is currently licensed to practice speech-language therapy in California, Virginia and Maryland. She is the recipient of the ASHA’s prestigious Continuing Education Award for her dedication to training above and beyond the requirements for maintaining her credential. Erin also has experience working in U.S. school districts in multiple states as well as in private clinical settings. Erin is a graduate of UCLA and California State University of Los Angeles.

Lisa Barnick

Lisa was the first therapist to join Worldwide Speech in 2011. She has over 30 years experience in early intervention programs and is a certified accent reduction trainer. Lisa is comfortable working online with children as young as two years old. She also has valuable experience handling low incidence disorders such as Down Syndrome. She is loved by our clients and brings a creative and and positive attitude to every online session.

Lauren Regeimbal

Lauren Regeimbal received her Bachelors of Science degree with a minor in Special Education from James Madison University. She holds her Masters in Occupational Therapy from Tufts University. She has worked with special needs children for most of her life. Her career began in early intervention and then moved to her other passion of working with people of all ages with neurological conditions. Lauren has experience working with all age ranges, a wide array of disabilities, and within many healthcare settings. She also has first hand experience living as an ex-pat within a military and State Department community. During her experience living outside the United States, Lauren began providing occupational therapy via telepactice.

Colleen Gates

Colleen Gates received a degree of Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders and Sciences from SUNY Geneseo and a Masters of Science in Speech Language Pathology from Nazareth College in Rochester NY . Colleen has over 18 years pediatric experience providing services to children through early intervention and in school settings. Colleen has many years of experience working with children on the autism spectrum, implementing ABA style programs and utilizing augmentative communication systems.

Brooke Lambert

Brooke has many years experience with telepractice and earned a certificate in teletherapy from the American Telemedicine Association. She has been a leader in the telepractice community and developed an online speech therapy program for a private practice in Virginia. She comes to us with many years experience treating children of all ages. She can handle anything from children with mild developmental delays to medically fragile patients.

Janell Wilson

Janell has recently moved from working in public education for the past 32 years to working from an office at home providing teletherapy speech/language services. While in the public school system, she had a position as a teacher in a classroom for severely speech and language impaired students in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but the majority of her years were spent as an itinerant speech-language pathologist in Hillsdale, Michigan. She has worked with students aged 2 1/2 through 26, who have have had difficulty with articulation, language, fluency and social language issues. She has spent much time providing service to classrooms, seeing first hand how difficulties in communication impact overall academic performance. Janell is a graduate of Ferris State University and Central Michigan University.