Worldwide Speech is a speech therapy company that provides speech and language therapy sessions online. Online speech therapy offers benefits for families that traditional face to face therapy cannot. Online speech therapy can be accessed by anyone, anywhere; no longer do you have to worry about the lack of a local speech therapist.


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    Online therapy is convenient for families; no need to drive your child here and there, just turn on your computer and your therapist will be waiting for you.

    We at Worldwide Speech are dedicated to making sure children everywhere receive the speech and language therapy they need. Contact us to find out how we can help your child.

    Worldwide Speech was founded by Erin Long, an experienced speech pathologist with a unique professional background. Not long after becoming a speech pathologist, Erin's husband began a career as a Foreign Service Officer, which took them to foreign country after foreign country. Erin soon realized that it did not matter where she lived; speech pathologists provide a service that is needed everywhere. After opening several small but successful practices abroad she returned to the United States determined to open an online (telepractice) speech therapy company. Erin's goal is to address both the international need for qualified native-English speaking therapists and the shortage of speech language therapists within the United States.

    The name Worldwide Speech says it all; we are determined to help you when you need a speech pathologist regardless of your geographic location. Erin and her team of enthusiastic speech pathologists bring their varied experiences to Worldwide Speech to meet the needs of private clients and schools in need of a speech pathologist.


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March 22, 2016
Worldwide Speech Sponsors Families in Global Transition Conference

We are thrilled to announce that Worldwide Speech sponsored for the Families In Global Transition (FIGT) Conference this weekend in Amsterdam. FIGT has been at the forefront of identifying supporting the needs individuals and families that find themselves moving around the world. As part of our continued dedication to helping children everywhere, Worldwide Speech is reaching out to expat … Continue reading Worldwide Speech Sponsors Families in Global Transition Conference

October 27, 2015
Halloween Activities for Kids

It is no secret that Halloween is absolutely my favorite time of year.  Over the years I have realized I am not alone in my fascination of all things Halloween.  When given a choice, children will often choose a Halloween activity over another more seasonally related activity. This year, I tried my best to keep … Continue reading Halloween Activities for Kids